Roman Discovery Day
Life in Roman Britain

Pupils will be introduced to the Roman period in Britain, how long ago it was and where it relates to, with emphasis on the locality of the school.

They will look at “how we know” about the Romans including archaeology and the historical record. This will empower them to think of ideas of their own. If desired this can be covered in depth with a 'Body In The Sand' activity.

Hands On Roman
Through questions about what the people of Roman Britain were like, pupils will be led to empathise with them. They will get to know our character, Gaius, a Roman soldier of AD306, and have the opportunity to explore a chest of his personal belongings.

Each child will examine a number of replica artefacts with encouragement to draw, measure and analyse each. They will get a growing picture of the function of each item, materials, manufacturing techniques, technology and its relative value. This will give them an insight into the life of our character and of Roman Britain including his environment, the people he has contact with, trade, industry, the home and society.

Gaius is about to retire from the army, the pupils will help him decide what to do. Duration 1 hour

Optional activities include:

Food, drink, farming and the Roman Empire
The why, what, when and how of Roman eating. Pupils will compare what they eat now and what they would have eaten then. They will discover how food was produced, moved around, distributed, prepared and eaten. They will learn how the seasons were important and how the Romans brought new tastes to Britain some of which are still with us now.
Duration 30 minutes.

Roman clothes and fashion
pupils will explore Roman clothes with a mini fashion show with an opportunity for some to dress in replica costume. This session encourages thought about the difference between function and aesthetics of clothes and jewellery both then and now.
Duration 30 minutes.

'The Body in the Sand'
– This is our interactive grave. Pupils role-play archaeologists examining the evidence of a body with artefacts. Guided to investigate the artefacts they use replicas to fill in the gaps and reconstruct a Roman girl from the grave.
Duration 1 hour.

Gods or God? - pupils study the evidence for Roman worship. They explore the importance of ritual in the Roman faith and look at the characters of some of the gods. Why was Christianity sometimes seen as a threat and sometimes embraced? Pupils are encouraged to look at how Christianity was accepted by the Romans and how the early Christian church reflected some of the characteristics of the older faiths.
Duration 30 minutes.

Story time – a good wind down activity with great potential for follow up artwork. We ask some Roman riddles and read a Roman account of adventure in the empire.
Duration 30 minutes.

Warfare – the excitement of proximity to a Roman soldier and his weapons is exploited to ensure pupils understand how war and warriors fitted into Roman Britain. The brutal design and function of the weapons is demonstrated. Pupils are able to feel the weight of the equipment, stand in a shield wall and march to commands.
Duration 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Dear Gaius. Thank you for coming and teaching us about the Romans. I really enjoyed it. When you came in it felt really special. I learned a lot about Romans and Roman clothes and the difference between us and the Romans.
Emma, year 5, Appleton Roebuck

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