LARP Costume and Accessories

Basic classical tunica/chiton in medium weight, natural calico, sewn with cotton thread. The sleeveless baggy one, it suits all mediterranian classical cultures. £22
Basic 'T' tunic, male - wool or linen child (KS2) £35 adult £45 Cotton fabric child (KS2) £25 adult £30
Iron Age style tunic in medium weight, natural cotton calico, sewn with cotton thread. Suits Roman, Celt, Saxon, Viking and general Middle Earth cultures £25
Simple leather belt pouch - £15
Leather belt, simple fittings - child (KS2) £12 adult £15
Iron Age/Celtic style man's tunic in wool - child (KS2) £25 adult £35
Monk's habit (any order) - child (KS2) £40 adult £50
Monk's habit with hood (any order) - child (KS2) £55 adult £70
Woollen hooded cloak. Based on a North African Burnous pattern. Assorted colours. e-mail for details. £60 - £110
Woollen hood. Brown. e-mail for other colours. £15
Woollen hood. Green. e-mail for other colours. £15
Woollen hood. Red. e-mail for other colours. £15
Interlace brooches - Viking/Celtic style, gold plated with modern jewellery pins £4 each
Early Medieval style brooches, polished pewter or gold plated finish. Real cabochon stones or glass gems, surgical steel pins. Assorted styles £9 - £12 each. e-mail for details
Amber glass gemstones (traditional cut for Skien Dhu), large 35mm £2, small 15mm £1