Teacher's Resources
from Ceolred Monger

Add a 'wow' to your topics.

Our range of teacher's resources are designed to add excitement to your chosen topics. Tactile and visually appealing they will help you inspire your pupils in their studies.

Our most successful history and archaeology resources are our exciting interactive 'Discovery Chest' and 'Body In The Sand' packs.

Discovery Chest Body In The Sand

Curley's Pouches
A small pouch containing replica coins or small artefacts:

Curley's Pouches are £15 each
Roman - contains a range of coins
Anglo-Saxon - contains a hoard of coins and ingots
Viking - contains a hoard of coins and jewelery
Tudor - contains a purse of coins
Pirates! - contains a purse of small gems and coins

Monks Habit

Of the order you require. These are usually in woollen cloth, however they can be made in man-made fibre if required.

Monks Habit, hood and cord belt child KS2 £45 adult £75

Ask about quantity discounts on costume

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