Discovery Days

Booking and prices


For up to two classes

A morning or afternoon session costs 180

All day costs 260

Please enquire for the cost for extra pupils

Within 30 miles radius of our address, travel is free.
Outside this the cost is 50p per extra mile.

For your booking


We are a professional organisation. We will turn up on time and be courteous to school staff and pupils


One parking space is required within reasonable carrying distance of the teaching space.


For sessions we need a comfortable classroom space, some activities may need a school hall or outdoor space.


Two tables and a chair are needed for each session. Classes should be arranged in groups of between four and eight pupils.


Teachers or project co-ordinators are strongly advised to discuss their specific requirements with us. We can usually accommodate your specific needs and send preparatory information.


Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be in charge of pupils at all times. Our staff will never be 'in loco parentis'.


To ensure active engagement of all students, we may split larger groups. We will then provide exciting teacher led activities to run parallel and, after a time, rotate the groups.


We aim to leave you and your pupils stimulated to find out more about your topic.

Gaius the Roman
Ceolred the Anglo-Saxon
Kari the Viking

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